About Me

My journey into the realms of spirituality, psychology, philosophy, consciousness, physics and ancient mysticism began the moment I could read.   

I remember, my father giving me the keys to unlock the mysteries of life and our inner self the day he took me with him to the public library in our town….That was truly heaven for me!     

He told me; “Marie, if you want to learn anything, don’t ask me.  Find a book on it, read, learn, explore.   Never settle for a ‘ready-made’ answer from others!”

And, those words have made me who I am today:  A leading Guide and Educator in the areas of the ‘True Self’ and Higher Consciousness.   

I’m also an Author, Speaker, Professional Reiki Practitioner and Life Transformation Coach based in the United Kingdom.

Throughout the years, I’ve also travelled to various soul-enhancing countries across this beautiful globe, such as; India, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Americas (just to name a few), in search of the answers to life, spirituality and our fundamental human psychology.

I’ve spent over 2 decades trying to discover the answer to the questions:

  • What makes us tick? 
  • What drives us? 
  • What separates those who experience authentic happiness and joy in life versus those that are often depressed?
  • What generates authentic, long-lasting happiness in each of us?
  • Where does our TRUE value lie in this world?
  • How do we get in touch with our divine essence, our true face, our Higher Self?

On my adventures, I’ve gained a wide and extremely varied range of knowledge and experience from various healing modalities/systems and insightful teachers along the way.

With a culmination of over two decades worth of experience, research and hard-won wisdom, my passion is to combine the fields of consciousness, physics, psychology, neuroscience, biochemistry, energy healing and epigenetic’s to show others what’s truly possible in their lives.  And, if you give me the honour, I’ll show you too! ❤️

PS.  If you have any questions or if there are any areas of healing, spirituality or alternative modalities you would like me to share on this website please let me know and if they align with my intrinsic values, I’ll do my best to include it. 😉  All the best and talk soon!