Balance And Heal Your Throat Chakra With Authenticity And Honesty


Honesty Is The Best Policy To Heal And Balance Your Throat Chakra

If you’ve already read the article: 8 Simple Ways To Balance + Unblock Your Throat Chakra (Viśhuddha), you’re already aware that learning to express ourselves honestly and confidently is a major part in the process to activate, heal and balance our Throat Chakra.

However, the key to expressing ourselves confidently and honestly to others, lies in us being open and honest with ourselves first.  We cannot give others, what we don’t give to ourselves (whether that’s love, truth, honesty, compassion, etc). 

So, take a moment to ask yourself:

  • Are you being true to yourself 100% of the time?
  • Do you always speak your truth from a place of compassion?
  • Do you avoid dealing with uncomfortable thoughts/feelings?
  • Do you push aside difficult thoughts/feelings?

honesty-loving-expression-balances throat chakra-Viśhuddha

Ill-Health And Disease Manifest In Our Energetic Field First

Whatever we’re thinking and feeling on a regular basis is being sent out into the 5th layer of our auric field (in the form of sound and vibration), which is then being converted into ‘like’ matter in the material world, creating our reality.

Disharmony and illness manifest in our energy field FIRST, before entering our physical body.

This means, the famous saying –  ‘Honesty is the best policy’, really is correct when it comes to our overall health and well-being.  This quote gives a visual illustration of the power our Throat Chakra has to create our reality via the vibrations we emit, feel, suppress.


throat-chakra-expression-balancingIf we’re constantly suppressing or squashing down our inner voice and true feelings, that energy may not be expressed to others outwardly but that energy is still there. We are holding it inside.  Which means….

This suppressed energy (vibration) will seep into our auric field and manifest situations, people, dis-ease and circumstances which are ‘in alignment with’ this suppressed energy.  Remember, whether suppressed or not, every thought, feeling and emotion has a specific vibration.


If we’re constantly thinking, feeling and living with anger, revenge, jealousy, dishonesty, etc., we’re filling our 5th Energetic Layer with these negative vibrations.

As a result, similar vibrations will be drawn towards us and begin to manifest within our physical body as illness and dis-ease.

We Can Not Live Outside The Universal Principles.  We ALWAYS Reap, What We Sow.

So, ask yourself:

  • Are the quality of words you utter on a regular basis ‘in alignment with’, the quality of life you wish to manifest?
  • Are the feelings you experience on a regular basis the feelings you want to increase in your life?
  • Are you being completely honest with yourself (and others) regarding how you feel in a particular situation?
  • Do you ‘speak up’ and voice your opinion, concerns and honest feelings, calmly and assertively?

From today, start ‘tuning into’ and acknowledging your honest feelings or responses.  Start stepping up and ‘owning’ who you are and trust me, the more confident and stronger you will begin to feel; mentally, emotionally and physically.  Simply because your entire energy system will be supporting and uplifting you!


When You Speak Your Truth, You Are Standing In The Flow Of Pure Universal Energy.

So, if you want to strengthen and heal your Throat Chakra energies, always remember, honesty is the best policy!

Do you struggle to convey your truth to others?

I cannot deny, it can be really daunting sharing our truth openly and honestly with others (especially those closest to us) but instead of focussing on the fear, we need to ask ourselves…

How can we ever hope to work anything out, move forward confidently, receive the right support from others or find a solution, when all our cards are not on the table?

Remember, NOBODY is privy to the sacred inner world of our very personal thoughts and feelings (no matter how close we are or how well they know us).

Others cannot and will not know exactly how you truly feel, unless you tell them.

HELPFUL TIP:  Never fear being rejected by others for being too open, honest or for speaking your truth in a calm and assertive way.  Welcome the rejection.  Because, the truth is…

An honest and open person will always respect and accept, an open and honest person.  They’re in harmony.  They are on the same ‘wavelength’ or ‘frequency’ of honesty and authenticity.

So, start speaking your truth today!
Not only, will it awaken your Throat Chakra, cleansing and strengthening its energies but you’ll also start discovering others who resonate and naturally ‘vibe’ with you!
One of the biggest lessons, I’ve learnt in life is:

The less we try to FIT IN, the faster we find others we naturally FIT WITH.

Much love and big hugs,
Marie ️ ️❤️

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