The 8 Best Stones For Balancing Your Heart Chakra (4th Energy Center)


8 Beneficial Stones and Crystals For Balancing Your Heart Chakra

Wear a pendent, bracelet, ring or carry one of the following stones to help ground, stimulate and balance your Heart Chakra energies.

The most beneficial stones for healing your 4th Energy Center (Heart Chakra) are in no particular order.  Select the stone or crystal that resonates with you or you feel ‘drawn to’. 

Don’t question or doubt yourself, simply trust your intuition.

1.  Rose Quartz For The Heart Chakra

Rose quartz is one of the most beneficial and most important stone for balancing and activating the Heart Chakra, as it purifies and cleanses the heart on both a physical and metaphysical level, bringing deep inner healing and self-love.

Rose quartz is a stone which calms and reassures.  It’s the stone of unconditional love and inner peace.

It also helps restore trust and harmony within ourselves and our relationships.

2.  Jade (Pounamu) For The Heart Chakra

Jade is a protective stone which is highly-prized in the East.

Jade promotes harmony, love and nurturing and is said to keep the wearer safe from harm.

Jade aids in the release of negative thoughts and helps calm the mind.

It also helps you take courage (a quality of an open heart) to become who you really are; a beautiful spiritual being who is on a journey of awakening.


3.  Green Tourmaline For The Heart Chakra

Green Tourmaline is a stone which promotes understanding of oneself and others, encouraging self-confidence and alleviating fear (lacking courage is a sign of a blocked Heart Chakra). 

Green Tourmaline banishes the ‘victim mentality’ and attracts compassion, tolerance, prosperity and inspiration.  It awakens the Heart Chakra and promotes a sense of belonging.

Green Tourmaline also helps to unlock all those beautiful ‘qualities’ of the Heart Chakra, such as, compassion, patience, courage, openness, empathy and tenderness.

Green Tourmaline also helps in issues relating to the thymus, heart and immune system (physical functions associated with the Heart Chakra).

4.  Pink Tourmaline For The Heart Chakra

Pink Tourmaline includes many of the same qualities as the Green Tourmaline (see above).  However, it has some magical qualities of it’s ow, such as; it helps dispel emotional pain and destructive feelings from the Heart Chakra.

It promotes feelings of trust and self-love so that it becomes easier to create more meaningful, long-lasting relationships.  Pink Tourmaline is a stone which is said to attract love in the material and spiritual world.   It also promotes a sense of assurance that ‘it’s okay to love’, ‘it’s safe to love’ and inspires trust in love.

Pink Tourmaline promotes peace and relaxation  as it cleanse emotional pain and old destructive feelings from your Heart Chakra.  It’s that classic expression; “We must let go of the old, to bring in the new” and that’s what Pink Tourmaline helps us do!  Release our past troubles and hurts in love and open ourselves up to a bright, beautiful and love-filled future.  ❤️

5.  Kunzite For The Heart Chakra

Kunzite is a delicate pink stone which has a hint of violet.

Kunzite is a high vibrational stone which has the ability to create a ‘shield’ around us, dispelling negativity or unwanted energies from our system.

Kunzite helps to awaken and balance our Heart Chakra and promotes unconditional love, loving thoughts and loving communication.

Kunzite is also highly-beneficial if you struggle to enter a meditative state, as it aids this process of deep, centered, meditative reflection.

Kunzite promotes the quality of tolerance for ourselves and others and aids in a speedy recovery from any emotional trauma or stress.

Beneficial if you suffer from stress-based anxiety.

Kunzite also strengthens the heart and circulatory system (physical functions associated with the Heart Chakra).


6.  Pink Calcite For The Heart Chakra

Pink Calcite is a stone said top be directly connected to the angelic realm.

Pink Calcite is also known as the “stone of forgiveness” because it helps release any fears, pain or grief which have been held within the heart, blocking the Heart Chakra energies.

Remember, because the Heart Chakra is “a bridge” between the lower and higher chakras, when our Heart Charka is blocked it disturbs the flow of all other chakras. (Learn more about the Heart Chakra here).

Pink Calcite promotes unconditional love and boosts self-esteem, forgiveness and self-acceptance.

7.  Rhodonite For The Heart Chakra

Rhodonite balances the emotions and promotes unity consciousness.

It stimulates and cleanses the Heart Chakra, whilst healing emotional wounds and scars from our past.

Rhodonite is a highly-beneficial stone when dealing with issues relating to co-dependency and emotional abuse.

Rhodonite promotes forgiveness and healthy, unselfish self-love and it also calms any tendency we may have towards revenge, retaliation or blame (all tendencies which block or disrupt the flow of our Heart Chakra energy).


8.  Green Aventurine For The Heart Chakra

Green Aventurine protects your Heart Chakra, shielding it from ‘psychic vampirism’ of your heart energy.  ‘Psychic vampirism’ is when people “feed off” your energy and Green Aventurine is a stone which helps halt this process.

Green Aventurine promotes a sense of well-being.  It harmonises and comforts the Heart Chakra by dissolving negative energies (emotional & thought-based).  It also helps calm anger, which can also be a sign of a blocked Heart Chakra.

Green Aventurine also promotes following one’s own heart and living by what feels true to you.

Much love and big hugs,
Marie ️ ️❤️

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