Beginners Guide To Chakra Healing Stones And Crystals


How To Get The Most Benefits From Healing Stones And Crystals

Crystals have some highly-beneficial healing properties but to truly tap into these, one must know the best practices when selecting, caring for and using crystals.  So, be sure to follow the valuable ‘beginners tips’ below and you’ll reap the greatest benefits from working with your crystals or chakra healing stones.
Enjoy! ❤️ 

How To Select The Right Crystal For You:

Selecting crystals is more about intuition and trusting which stones feel right for you.

Next time you search for a stone or healing crystal, see which one “stands out” to you or you “can’t take your eyes off”.  These are all signs that you require this particular energy within your body/mind system right now.

Remember, our entire body/mind/energetic system is more intelligent than we give it credit for, so simply trust your feelings and you’ll never go wrong.

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Another Useful Tip When Selecting A Healing Crystal:

If you believe that you need a particular crystal for healing a particular area within your life, let’s say;  Rose Quartz.   Yet, every time you go around the different stores none of the Rose Quartz crystals ‘stand out’ to you or none of them ‘speak to you’.   No worries!

When you’re ready, the right crystal WILL appear before you. 

It may even turn up unexpectedly, or someone may give you the very crystal you need as a gift.

Never buy a crystal because you’re told to or being coerced.  If a crystal does not speak to you or feel right for you – DO NOT BUY IT.

If you don’t ‘feel it’,  it’s not meant for you.  It really is that simple.

Choosing the right crystal for you is about trusting your intuition (your in-tuition, your inner guidance).   The more you work with crystals, the more you’ll enhance this natural ability within yourself. 

So, just relax.  Have fun and enjoy the inner journey crystals can take you on! 🙂


Crystals Are Like Sponges:

All crystals must be cleansed before wearing them as they are natural ‘transmuters of energy’.   They can change/transform negative energies into more positive ones.  They do this by ‘absorbing’ the negative or lower vibrations within an environment – transmuting them – and then, sending the ‘newly formed’ positive energies back out in the atmosphere.


Think of a crystal, like a sponge.   Sounds strange, I know!   But, ‘just like’ a sponge becomes temporarily ‘useless’ once it’s soaked up all that liquid/dirt/grime during the ‘cleaning/absorbing’ process, crystals work in exactly the same way!   

We must ‘cleanse and squeeze out’ the grime and dirt (the build-up) before the sponge (chakra stone or healing crystal) can continue doing what it was created to do.

A healing crystal CANNOT do it’s job, without your help.

To receive the most benefits from your crystal or chakra healing stone, you must regularly ‘cleanse’ it. 

This is to ensure you remove the build up of negative residual energies that the stone has ‘absorbed’, so it can continue to do its job of absorbing and transmuting negative energies, healing, protecting and transforming our energy fields (aura) and environment.

NOTE:  If you feel like your crystal is not “working” anymore, simply cleanse it and that usually does the trick!


How To Effectively Cleanse Crystals And Healing Stones:

So, we’ve just discussed that crystals transmute or cleanse negative energies within our environment.  Therefore, after a period of time (depending upon how negative an environment or personal energy field is) they will require us to cleanse them on a regular basis.

But, how do we quickly and effectively cleanse our crystals or chakra healing stones?

There are numerous ways.  However, the most effective and safest manner to cleanse any and all crystals is via the ‘age-old tradition’ of smudging.

Smudging is simply a term used for ‘cleansing away any negative energies using sacred and high-vibrational smoke’.  This smoke purifies and clears any negative ions from whomever or whatever, is passed through it’s smoke.

How do we create this sacred and highly-purifying smoke?

The simplest and easiest way is to simply purchase what’s known as a ‘smudge stick’ (readily available online).   Smudge sticks are traditionally bundles of sage leaves wrapped tightly together.

A smudge stick is carefully lit and then, fanned gently with one’s hand to smoulder and give off smoke.  It’s through this smoke that the crystal must be passed.


How To Smudge Chakra Stones And Crystals:

A crystal should be passed through the smoke 3 or 7 times (or, until you feel it’s been cleansed – trust your intuition). 

You will know when the crystal is cleansed, as it will begin to feel lighter and look brighter once it’s clear of all negative energies.

If this process takes 10 passes through the smoke, then so be it!  Do not be restricted by the numbers of 3 or 7, they’re simply a guideline.

High-quality resins such as, frankincense or juniper are also great for cleansing chakra stones or crystals.   


These resins can be simply placed on heated charcoal tablets (in a heat-proof, fire-safe container) and the crystals passed through the smoke of the resin.

Frankincense and juniper create both high-vibrational smoke (energies) which reap excellent results when cleansing healing crystals and stones, our aura and our environment.

Smudging can be used to cleanse your home, office, your personal aura or objects, on a regular basis.

It’s highly beneficial to cleanse/smudge a new home before you completely move into it.  As this will help to cleanse away any heavy, stagnant or negative energies from the previous owners/tenants.  You can then begin your brand-new life in your new home, with brand-new, fresh, uplifting energies.

Smudge sticks can easily be purchased on Amazon (or other great online or offline stores).

How To Use Crystals For Healing:

Crystals can simply be worn, carried or placed within your environment to reap the benefits.

However, to garner more rapid results one can use a crystal layout, like the ones described below (along with wearing or placing them within your environment).

Healing Layout For Using Crystals And Chakra Stones:

To balance and align our chakras, you can either; lie on your back or front (if you have the help of a like-minded, high-vibrational friend) and simply place a healing stone or crystal on the specific location of each of your chakras. (Discover the best stones for each chakra by clicking here).

Then, simply close your eyes, relax in this position for at least 15 minutes or so and allow the healing crystals to work their magic by rebalancing your energies.

If you prefer, you can also play some tranquil or meditative music in the background to enhance your healing experience.

5 Essential Crystal Healing ‘Best Practice’ Tips:

  1. NEVER wear brand-new jewellery or someone else’s jewellery without cleansing it first.  Metallic objects absorb energies fast!  Therefore, to ensure there’s nothing that can be harmful to your energies, it’s always wise to cleanse everything BEFORE wearing it.
  2. It’s highly beneficial to cleanse/smudge a new home BEFORE you completely move into it.  This will ensure you begin your new life, in your new home with ‘fresh’ new energies and you won’t be negatively affected by any heavy, stagnant or chaotic energies of the previous occupiers.
  3. The more negative, chaotic, emotional or ‘stagnant’ an environment, the more often and consistently, it will need to be cleansed/smudged.
  4. ALWAYS trust your intuition.  After all, it’s your ‘In[ner] – Tuition’ guiding you and it’ll never steer you wrong!
  5. And, last but not least… Have fun, relax, stay open and enjoy the world of chakra stones and healing crystals.

Much love and big hugs,
Marie ️ ️❤️

Photo Credits: Dani Costelo on Unsplash.  Amanda Vick on Unsplash.   Allie on Unsplash.   Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash.   Sara Johnston on Unsplash.   BigstockPeter Presslein / CC BY-SA

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