RACCOON – Animal Spirit Guide: Unleash Your Inner Warrior


If Raccoon has shown up in your life today, then you are being asked to embody its spirit…

The Spirit of a Generous Protector

Raccoon is the classic ‘protector of the underdog’, a ‘Robin Hood’ to the young, weak and elderly. 

Your Inner Warrior is being called forth to stand up and become the protector and generous provider that you have the courage and ability to be.

Raccoon’s ‘helping the less fortunate’ comes with a twist…

You see, Raccoon never likes to see another left unprotected, weak or unable to provide for themselves or their families, so instead of making the ‘less fortunate’ into victims or dependents, Raccoon teaches them how to provide for themselves.

If Raccoon has wandered into your life today, you are being called forth to help those that need your protection, support and generosity.

You are also being asked to teach them how to cultivate these very same Raccoon Skills in themselves.


Raccoon Animal Spirit Guide, says:

  • Look around – who needs your strength and support at this time?
  • Do you need to speak up in defence of another?
  • Can you share your time, energy or possessions with others that are less fortunate than you?
  • Can you teach others how to develop their own ‘Raccoon Skills’
  • Are you honouring yourself and others equally?

Are You Wasting Your Energy?

Raccoon also asks us to be honest with ourselves. Are we robbing ourselves of much needed strength and energy by having an unhealthy attitude towards life?
Others? Current situations?

  • Do YOU feel like the underdog?
  • Are you bathing in too much self-pity?
  • Are you being too self-absorbed?

Are You Only Giving To Takers?

  • Have you been ‘too giving’ to others and forgetting your own needs?
  • Do you need to withdraw your resources (time, money, energy, support) from those who are too needy or overly greedy? Be alert for ‘takers’ who never give back!

Raccoon teaches us not to waste our generosity, kindness, time and energy on those who are ungrateful, refuse to help themselves, or are too lazy to contribute to the greater good of all.

Reclaim Your Warrior Spirit, Protect, Teach, Provide

RACCOON MEDICINE: Generous warrior spirit – protector and provider for the underdog and those in need. Racoon as an Animal Spirit Guide teaches us the universal law of giving back. Do not waste your resources on those that simply ‘take’ and do not have the desire to also ‘give back’.
Raccoon says:

Allow your generous and courageous spirit rise today!

Much love,
Marie ️❤️

Photo Credits: Henry Dinardo on Unsplash.  Gary Bendig on Unsplash.

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