Simple Signs Your Throat Chakra Is Underactive, Overactive or Balanced


Before you can correctly balance your Throat Chakra energies, you first need to discover whether your Throat Chakra energies are overactive, underactive or balanced.

So, let’s check out the 3 states of your Throat Chakra (5th Energy Center) so you can be sure you’re applying the right remedy, for the right imbalance.

7 Signs Of An Underactive Throat Chakra:

  • We have difficulty expressing ourselves and if we do speak up, we tend to be misunderstood by others, simply because we struggle to communicate clearly.
  • We’re constantly ‘sending mixed messages’.
  • We either can’t or won’t communicate our genuine wants and needs clearly.
  • We may experience speech impediments or speech difficulties.
  • We have a greater tendency to simply ‘roll over’ and surrender to others, even at the expense of losing our own voice or ‘say’ in matters that greatly affect us.
  • We’re unable to be honest with ourselves and/or others.
  • We may experience a great deal of ‘deep’ sadness which seems to have no obvious cause.


8 Signs Of An Overactive Throat Chakra:

  • We tend to over-react and blow things out of proportion.
  • We may be domineering and highly-opinionated.
  • We’re not open to others opinions.
  • Communication may be extremely harsh, negative or even downright abusive.
  • We may be overly rigid or feel a need to ‘cling to’ traditions, even to the point of being fanatical.
  • We may be resistant to change.
  • We may be extremely stubborn.
  • There’s a higher probability of hyperactivity.


7 Signs Of A Balanced Throat Chakra:

  • We communicate and express ourselves with ease, clarity and confidence.
  • We’re open and willing to listen to others.
  • We’re able to use our words wisely.
  • We naturally ‘think before we speak’.
  • We find a sense of faith and trust within ourselves, others and life as a whole.
  • Our rhythm improves (whether that relates to dancing, singing or music).  This is because at these higher energies we’re open and can literally ‘hear’ the subtle energies around us.
  • We can more bring our dreams into reality (we can quite literally ‘speak’ things into existence).

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