7 Simple Ways To Heal, Balance And Unblock Your Crown Chakra (Sahasrāra)


1. Use Color Therapy To Balance Your Crown Chakra

Underactive Crown Chakra: Surround Yourself With More Violet

The quickest and simplest way to balance an Underactive Crown Chakra (your 7th Energy Center) is to simply wear or surround yourself with more Violet.   This can be in the form of clothing, flowers, accessories or furnishings, etc.

The colour frequency of Violet can swiftly elevate your vibration and promote a stronger connection to your True Essence; your Infinite Self and Pure Consciousness. 

An Underactive Crown Chakra has ‘too little flow’ of energy flowing through it.   Therefore, when we add the colour frequency of Violet into our environment we can more easily tap into the higher-vibrational qualities of the Crown Chakra, such as;  Compassion, authentic spirituality, non-duality, heightened intelligence, calmness of mind. 

But, what if Violet doesn’t suit you?

You can still rebalance your Crown Chakra energies even if the colour frequency of violet doesn’t suit you.  For example;  Try wearing violet coloured underwear or bring violet into your environment via the use of ornaments, flowers or furnishings.  Maybe you could drape a violet throw or blanket across your sofa?

There’s always a way to bring violet into your world to balance your Crown Chakra energies, even if it doesn’t suit your skin tone. 😉

Overactive Crown Chakra:  Surround Yourself With More Yellow

If you’re feeling an irrational need for popularity, attention or sympathy, or you have trouble staying ‘in reality’, experience challenges with addictions, or you are displaying other symptoms related to an Overactive Crown Chakra bring the colour frequency of yellow into your environment or wear more yellow on a regular basis until your energies begin to feel more balanced and grounded.

2. Use Stones To Balance Your Crown Chakra

The second way to balance, cleanse and heal your Crown Chakra energies is to use specific stones or crystals.   The most beneficial stones for the Crown Chakra are those which help ground, stimulate and balance your Crown Chakra energies, such as;

The 4 Most Beneficial Stones And Crystals For Balancing The Crown Chakra

  • Selenite
  • Charoite
  • Amethyst
  • Jasper (especially Purple or Royal Plume Jasper)

Would you like a more in-depth look at each of the beneficial stones and crystals for balancing your Crown Chakra?   Then, be sure to check out the following article: The Best Stones and Crystals For Balancing The Crown Chakra (7th Energy Center).

3. Use Essential Oils And Resins To Balance Your Crown Chakra

Another effective way to balance, cleanse and heal your Crown Chakra energies is to use specific fragrances, resins, essential oils or scents.    The most beneficial essential oils and resins for balancing the Crown Chakra are those with a higher vibrational frequency, such as;

Pinterest-best-essential-oils-to-balance-the-crown-chakraThe 6 Most Beneficial Essential Oils For Balancing The Crown Chakra

  • ROSE (Rosa damascena)
  • FRANKINCENSE (Boswellia carteri)
  • LAVENDER (Lavendula angustifolia)
  • SANDALWOOD (Santalum album)
  • SAGE (Salvia officinalis)
  • JUNIPER (Juniperus communis)

Simply diffuse 3-4 drops of your chosen essential oil in an oil diffuser and allow the pure scents of nature to balance your Crown Chakra energies.

The 3 Most Beneficial Resins For Balancing The Crown Chakra

  • COPAL RESIN (Burseraceae)  
  • FRANKINCENSE RESIN (Boswellia sacra)
  • MYRRH RESIN  (Commiphora myrrha)
How To Use Resin To Balance You Crown Chakra Energies?

Place a charcoal burner on a heat resistant surface (add sand to the burner if necessary).   Using tongs, hold and light a charcoal tablet as per the instructions provided with the charcoal.  Place the hot charcoal inside your charcoal burner, allow it to heat fully and then place a small amount of resin on top.  It will immediately begin to fill the room with it’s high-vibrational essence.

How Do I Choose The Best Essential Oils To Balance The Crown Chakra?

When you shop for essential oils to balance your Crown Chakra be sure to:

  1. Only buy 100% pure essential oils. Therapeutic grade is generally regarded as the best.
  2. Double or even triple check the botanical names on the label to ensure you purchase the right essential oil for your needs.
  3. If there is no botanical name on the label, do not buy it.

WARNINGS: Some essential oils are not advised to be used by pregnant or nursing women, so ensure you fully research an essential oil before using. Always read the label and follow directions.

4. Use Foods To Feed And Balance Your Crown Chakra

Another effective way to balance, cleanse and heal your Crown Chakra energies is to use specific foods.  The most beneficial foods for balancing the Crown Chakra are those which support its fine, high-vibrational energies, such as;

What Foods Are Good For The Crown Chakra?

  • Pure Whole Foods;   Look for fresh, organic, free-range, locally-grown, additive-free, non-genetically modified foods/drinks/spices as anything unnatural will have harmful affects upon the high-vibrational energies of the Crown Chakra. 
  • Periodic Fasting:   Fasting* can be highly beneficial to rebalance, cleanse and restore the flow of energies to the Crown Chakra and can assist in spiritual awakening.
  • Eat Lighter To Shine Brighter:    Eating lighter, smaller nutrient-rich meals can ‘lighten’ your energies, allowing them to rise upwards into the higher-vibrational frequencies.
  • Hydration Is Key:  Be sure to keep yourself hydrated with healthy, pure liquids.

*Always seek professional advice before undergoing any type of detox, fasting regime or radical dietary changes).


If you have signs of an Overactive Crown Chakra (too much excessive energy flowing through it), simply increase your intake of yellow coloured foods, such as; lemons or bananas, etc.   

If you feel ‘flighty’, ungrounded or ‘away with the fairies’ after working with the higher-vibrational energies of the Crown Chakra simply sit down and consume a larger-sized meal, packed with natural foods to instantly ground your energies.

This will all help to calm, balance and ground any excessive flow of energy within the Crown Chakra area.

5. Trust And Embrace Life To Activate Your Crown Chakra

To cleanse and balance the Crown Chakra it’s vital we open ourselves up to accepting, trusting and embracing all aspects of life.     The Crown Chakra teaches us to surrender any challenges to the Infinite Source and release our need to control, assert power or force things.

Do you remember the song lyrics of the Doris Day song?   “Que sera, sera.   Whatever will be, will be.   The future’s not ours to see. Que sera, sera”.  Well, that’s the ultimate message of your Crown Chakra!

Now, that does not mean we simply sit back and take no action.  The Crown Chakra teaches that we still need to ‘do our part’ whilst simultaneously trusting that life will take care of the rest.

The more we flow WITH life rather than against it, the more we separate our Self from the ego-driven mind and the faster we reconnect to the higher levels of consciousness available to all of us.  This results in us experiencing greater abundance, health, authentic happiness and joy. 

So, ask yourself:

  • How can I begin to ‘go with the flow’ more in my life?
  • Where do I need to ‘loosen my grip’, relinquish some control and trust in life?
  • Can I trust others to make the right decisions for them without my interference?
  • Do I truly believe “all is well”?   If not, why not?
  • What’s stopping me from trusting in life more?
  • I know that a rose blossoms when it is ready and not a moment before, I know that life works on its own schedule, so why do I still feel I need to push, schedule or force things to happen?  What part of me cannot just ‘wait and see’ how life unfolds?

These are the types of questions we need to ask ourselves when working with the Crown Chakra.   

If you need guidance in ‘unearthing’ what may be holding you back or stopping you from flowing with life, then a Breakthroughs Beyond Thought Experience may be just what you need!  To learn more simply click here.

6. Wear Silk To Help Balance Your Crown Chakra

Wearing the natural fibre of silk is highly-beneficial when working with and balancing the higher-vibrational frequencies of the Crown Chakra.   Silk helps generate and ‘charge’ the body’s magnetic field whilst simultaneously protecting it.  Two fabulous reasons to start wearing more silk!


7. Use Absolute Silence To Cleanse And Balance Your Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is associated with the sound of Pure Consciousness (Absolute Silence).   Therefore, to help cleanse or rebalance the Crown Chakra energy it’s highly-beneficial to spend some time in a peaceful environment ‘away from it all’.  Allow the silence to rebalance your Crown Chakra naturally.

Why do I feel the need to fill the silence?

If we struggle to sit in silence (even in beautiful natural surroundings) or we simply prefer to constantly surround ourselves with noise, it’s usually a sign of an overly busy mind.  We are using sound to ‘shut out’ the mind chatter so we don’t hear it.

We’re attempting to ‘tune out’ life with other stimulus and noise to distract ourselves from dealing with the real issues, such as; facing our inner demons, evaluating our current situation or looking at ourselves honestly.  As a result, we damage and disrupt our overall health and well-being.

So, move into the silence as often as you can and you’ll begin to see and feel the changes in your energy as you cleanse and rebalance your Crown Chakra. 

Much love,
Marie ️ ️❤️

PS.  Do you want a more in-depth look at each of the beneficial stones and crystals for balancing your Crown Chakra?   Then, be sure to check out the following article: The Best Stones For Balancing Your Crown Chakra (7th Energy Center).  Alternatively, if you want to learn more about all your seven major chakras, click here.

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