The Best Stones For Balancing The Crown Chakra (7th Energy Center)


4 Beneficial Stones and Crystals For Balancing Your Crown Chakra (Sahasrāra)

Wear a pendent, bracelet, ring or carry one of the following stones to help ground, stimulate and balance your Crown Chakra energies.

The most beneficial stones for healing your 7th Energy Center (Crown Chakra) are in no particular order.  Select the stone or crystal that resonates with you or you feel ‘drawn to’. 

Don’t question or doubt yourself, simply trust your intuition.

1.  Selenite For The Crown Chakra

Selenite (also known as Satin Spar and Desert Rose) can support the opening of the Crown Chakra, opening a ‘gateway’ to higher-vibrational realms and energy centres.

Selenite is one of the most powerful stones for the new vibrational frequencies which are now occurring on this planet.

Due to Selenite being such a fine vibrational stone, it naturally quickens the speed at which spiritual growth can unfold (so hold on tight when you decide to work with it! 😉 )

Selenite comes from the Greek word ‘selene’ meaning ‘moon’.   The moon is associated with the subconscious, intuition, psychic awareness and the element of water.   Therefore, Selenite helps us dive into and explore the depth of our emotions safely and without fear. 

Selenite helps cleanse and dispel any negativity from both the emotional and etheric levels.  Ultimately, removing the deeper, unseen energy blockages which may be holding you back.

Selenite is associated with honesty, truth, enhanced decision making abilities, greater clarity of mind, protection, meditation, spiritual work, angel communication and a deeper sense of peace and tranquility, all qualities associated with the Crown Chakra.

2.  Charoite For The Crown Chakra

Charoite helps cleanse and rebalance the Crown Chakra helping to relieve the feelings of fear, frustration, loneliness, isolation and alienation commonly associated with over or under-active Crown Chakra energies.

Charoite promotes healing on a mental and emotional level and encourages spiritual growth and a shift into the higher vibrational energies of the Third-Eye and Crown Chakra; promoting swift and great transformation.

Charoite also boosts our ability to tap into inner visions, spiritual insights and higher wisdom (which are commonly associated with the Crown Chakra).

There’s no more indecision or wishy-washy “I’m not sure”, fence sitting when you work with Charoite.  Charoite promotes decisive and rapid decision-making abilities.  This is due to its ability to encourage fast mental and sensory processing.

Smart, swift decisions become a breeze when you work with Charoite and balance your Crown Chakra energies!

3.  Amethyst For The Crown Chakra

Due to its high vibrational energies Amethyst is one of the most spiritually powerful stones.

Amethyst promotes intuition, psychic abilities, higher spiritual wisdom, interconnectedness, divine love and compassion (qualities commonly associated with a balanced Crown Chakra). 

Amethyst promotes the grounding of our emotional energies and helps to dispel  anger, rage, sadness, anxiety, irrational fear, along with other emotional extremes.

Do NOT use Amethyst near or within an environment frequented by paranoid personalities or schizophrenics as it will simply aggravate and elevate their mental disturbances!

4.  Jasper For The Crown Chakra

Jasper helps encourage the feelings of unity and promotes increased awareness so one can truly “see” that everything is connected, directly connecting you to the high-vibrational energies of the Crown Chakra.

The specific colours of Purple or Royal Plume Jasper actively stimulate the Crown Chakra encouraging us to align with our spiritual purpose and ultimate life purpose.

Jasper helps reduce stress, tension or turmoil in troubling times, promoting the courage and confidence to tackle conflict assertively.

Jasper helps to cleanse and balance all seven chakras.

Jasper also promotes a ‘team’ mindset, encouraging people to help each other.

Much love and big hugs,
Marie ️ ️❤️

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