The 5 Best Stones For Balancing Your Third-Eye Chakra (6th Energy Center)


5 Beneficial Stones and Crystals For Balancing Your Third-Eye Chakra

Wear a pendent, bracelet, ring or carry one of the following stones to help ground, stimulate and balance your Third-Eye Chakra energies.

The most beneficial stones for healing your 6th Energy Center (Third-Eye Chakra) are in no particular order.  Select the stone or crystal that resonates with you or you feel ‘drawn to’.

Don’t question or doubt yourself, simply trust your intuition.

1.  Azurite For The Third-Eye Chakra

Azurite stimulates and cleanses the Third-Eye Chakra, promoting intuitive and psychic development.

Azurite is a powerful healing crystal which helps us gain a greater understanding of our mind, body and emotions, giving us the ability to see the deeper connection between them.

Azurite helps to dissolve ‘heavier’ emotions, such as; guilt, shame, grief, sadness, fear, phobias, etc.

Once these emotions are cleared, we can more easily gain deeper insights into ourselves, life and the world around us.   We begin to understand ‘why’ certain things happen to us.  Hence, Azurite helps us gain clarity in life.

Image Credit: Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0 / CC BY-SA

2.  Kunzite For The Third-Eye Chakra

Kunzite is an extremely high vibrational stone.

Kunzite helps to align both the Throat Chakra and Third-Eye Chakra with the heart.  When we keep the higher vibrational chakras in alignment with our heart, it allows the higher energies to be used for the good of all (instead of used for power, control, manipulation or other egotistical-driven motives).

So, if we could just invent a way to bathe the entire world in Kunzite everybody would begin working for the good of all… Now, wouldn’t that be a great sight to see?!  😉

Kunzite is highly-beneficial if you struggle with meditation.  Simply hold onto a piece of Kunzite in your hand and it’ll help you to access a deep level of awareness or meditative state.

Kunzite can shield and protect your aura from unwanted, negative energies.  This is helpful if you want to ‘cocoon’ yourself within a strong vibrational field which allows you to more easily move ‘through’ the world without being greatly affected by others’ energies.

3.  Danburite For The Third-Eye Chakra

Danburite is a powerful healing stone which carries an extremely pure vibration, this helps activate your Third-Eye Chakra (along with your Crown Chakra) and higher vibrational energies.

Danburite promotes higher states of consciousness.

Danburite is highly-beneficial as a ‘karmic cleanser’, as it releases any residual blockages from the past.  It helps us ‘cut the ties’ that need to be cut, in order for us to walk forward with ease and confidence into a new direction or new way of life.

Image Credit: Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0 / CC BY-SA

4.  Pietersite (Tempest Stone) For The Third-Eye Chakra

Wear-PIETERSITE-To-Balance-Your-Third-Eye-ChakraPietersite is also known as the ‘Tempest Stone’ as it acts just like a storm which ‘clears the air’.  It does this by discharging the negative particles and energies from our auric field and environment, helping to restore calm and lightness.

Pietersite helps to activate our Third-Eye Chakra, enhancing intuitive abilities, higher intelligence, telepathy and clairvoyance.

Pietersite helps shift us from our minds into our spiritual essence, where it protects and strengthens us to walk on our spiritual journey.  It helps us ‘own’ who we are and the journey we must take in life.

Pietersite helps free us from past ‘indoctrinated’ self-limiting beliefs that have been handed down to us by others.  Therefore, the more we use this stone, the quicker we gain clarity of what’s right for us and what’s merely others ‘opinions’ about what’s right for us.

On a physical level, Pietersite stimulates the Pineal Gland and helps to balance the Endocrine System (and it’s associated organs, glands, functions, etc.) which are governed by the Third-Eye Chakra.

5.  Purple Fluorite For The Third-Eye Chakra

Purple Fluorite is a powerful protection stone.  It’s also one of the best stones to use if you’re wanting to tap into the psychic abilities associated with the Third-Eye Chakra.

This is due to it’s ability to stimulate the Third-Eye Chakra (and the associated abilities), whilst simultaneously protecting you from harmful energies or negative influences.  So, it lifts and protects your energies.

Purple Fluorite also promotes concentration, focus and increases your ability to assimilate information faster.  This helps reduce mental stress and fatigue, brain fog and overwhelm.

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