The 5 Best Stones For Balancing Your Throat Chakra (5th Energy Center)


5 Beneficial Stones and Crystals For Balancing Your Throat Chakra (Viśhuddha)

Try wearing a pendant, bracelet, ring or carrying a piece of one of the following stones to help ground and stimulate the Throat Chakra energies.

Wear a pendent, bracelet, ring or carry one of the following stones to help ground, stimulate and balance your Throat Chakra energies.

Stones for healing your 5th Energy Center (Throat Chakra) are in no particular order.  Select the stone or crystal that resonates with you or you feel ‘drawn to’.   

Don’t question or doubt yourself, simply trust your intuition.

1.  Aquamarine For The Throat Chakra

Aquamarine-For-The-5th-Throat-ChakraAquamarine helps dissolve blockages that make communication and self-expression difficult (areas associated with the Throat Chakra).

Aquamarine also helps ‘declutter’ and calm the mind, making it easier to assess, interpret and understand our genuine thoughts and feelings regarding a situation.  Giving greater clarity of mind which leads to clearer, more confident expression.

Aquamarine also promotes courage, tolerance and compassion.

2.  Blue Lace Agate For The Throat Chakra

Blue Lace Agate is a powerful healer of the Throat Chakra.

Blue Lace Agate not only stimulates this chakra to allow free expression of ones authentic feelings but it also acts as a ‘counteracting agent’.   In other words, it gives you the strength to ‘speak your truth’ when the urge to squash or repress your inner voice arises.

Blue Lace Agate assists in the verbal expression of ones genuine thoughts and feelings.  It also helps to alleviate fears associated with rejection or judgement when expressing oneself.

3.  Lapis Lazuli For The Throat Chakra

Lapis-Lazuli-For-The-5th-Throat-ChakraLapis Lazuli helps balance the Throat Chakra.

Lapis Lazuli encourages expression of ones opinions, inner truth and honest feelings (remember, the Throat Chakra is our Communication Center).

Lapis Lazuli is commonly known as the ‘stone of truth’, as it encourages us to ‘speak up’ and express our inner truth without compromise or fear.  It helps dissolve feelings associated with ‘holding back’ our true voice.

4.  Blue Sapphire For The Throat Chakra

Blue Sapphire alleviates mental tension and helps dissolve unwanted thoughts.  Giving you greater clarity of mind, which results in clarity of expression.

Blue Sapphire can also assist in healing thyroid dysfunctions (physical functions associated with the Throat Chakra).

Blue Sapphire helps to open and heal the energies of the Throat Chakra, as it promotes speaking ‘ones own truth’ and allowing for more confident and free self-expression.

5.  Moss Agate For The Throat Chakra

Moss-Agate-For-The-5th-Throat-ChakraAlthough, Moss Agate is not a stone typically associated with the Throat Chakra it’s fabulous for lessening fear, balancing emotions and encouraging self-expression and communication.

That’s the major reason I’ve included it!  Because our Throat Chakra is the major center for communication across all levels.

It also helps to attract wealth and abundance into your life.

Much love and big hugs,
Marie ️ ️❤️

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