What Is The Crown Chakra: Location, Color, Meaning, Themes

What Is The Crown Chakra Location Color Meaning Themes

What And Where Is The Crown Chakra?

The Crown Chakra is the seventh chakra or ‘energy center’ within our 7 primary chakras (or seven major energy centers).   It’s said to be located outside of the physical body, high above the hollow on the crown of the head (the area known as anterior fontanelle).    This area is clearly visible and easily felt on a new-born baby’s skull.


It’s important to note that this spot in our fontanelle begins to harden and close around the age of 6 months.  This is when our Infinite Awareness starts to become shrouded or ‘veiled’ and our ego; with all it’s limitations and feelings of separateness starts to give birth to itself.

Our Crown Chakra relates to challenges in the areas of universal/cosmic consciousness, letting go, expansiveness, non-duality, unity and the absolute.

Sanskrit: सहस्रार – Sahasrāra

The original Sanskrit word for the Crown Chakra is Sahasrāra and when translated means; Granting Victory, Producing Might, Possessing One Thousand or Thousand-Fold.

Themes of the Crown Chakra

  • Universal / Cosmic Consciousness
  • Letting go
  • Expansiveness
  • Non-duality
  • Unity
  • The Absolute
  • All that is!

Crown Chakra Color

The colors commonly associated with the Crown Chakra (7th Energy Center) are VIOLET, WHITE, GOLD.

Crown Chakra Bījā Mantra

The bījā mantra or seed sound associated with the Crown Chakra (7th Energy Center) is PURE ULTIMATE SILENCE.   However, ॐ Auṃ and Sohum are also associated with the Crown Chakra.

Crown Chakra Physical Associations

On a physical level, the Crown Chakra (your 7th Energy Center) is associated with:

  • The harmonious functioning of the medulla oblongata.

A cone-shaped mass located in the lower half of the brainstem (where the spinal cord extends into the skull) which is said to connect the ‘higher level functions’ of the brain to the spinal cord.

The medulla oblongata helps regulate the optimal functioning of the heart and lungs, along with the reflex centres that control vomiting, sneezing, swallowing and coughing.

The medulla oblongata plays a vital role in regulating many life sustaining functions, such as; breathing, swallowing, heartbeat, blood pressure, etc.


The Crown Chakra is also physically associated with:

  • The skeletal system.
  • Nerve pathways.
  • Nervous system.
  • Electrical synapses throughout our entire body/mind system.
  • The pineal gland (which is also associated with the Third-Eye Chakra).

It is said that if we cut the transverse section of the brain we would see a thousand nerves and all these structures within our brain appear to form a lotus of 1000 petals; the 1000 petals which the Crown Chakra is said to contain.

Crown Chakras Metaphysical Associations:

The Crown Chakra is the energy center directly associated with Pure Consciousness, The Absolute, Cosmic Intelligence and transcendence.

It’s through the Crown Chakra that we transcend the limitations of the individual body/mind system and become truly present and connected to all that is;  Pure Consciousness and the true essence of who we are.

PLEASE NOTE:   We are always connected to Pure Consciousness.  However, many of us fail to access it and our unlimited potential simply because we are shrouded in ‘conditioning’.

Have you ever seen the ‘halo of light’ surrounding the heads of many figures in renaissance art or ancient scriptures?


These figures are seen as ‘enlightened’ or someone who has dropped all conditioning and is in complete alignment with their divine connection to Infinite Consciousness (which is directly associated with the Crown Chakra).

How Do You Know If Your Crown Chakra Is Underactive, Overactive or Balanced?

Do you want to discover if your Crown Chakra (your 7th Energy Center) energies are overactive, underactive or balanced?

If you’re nodding “yes” then, you’ll want to read:   Simple Signs Your Crown Chakra Is Underactive, Overactive or Balanced, so you can be sure you’re applying the right remedy, for the right imbalance.

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