What Is The Third-Eye Chakra: Location, Color, Meaning, Themes


What Is The Third-Eye Chakra?

The Third Eye (Brow) Chakra is the sixth chakra or ‘energy center’ within our 7 primary chakras (or seven major energy centers).   It’s located just above and between the eyebrows.   It’s our Intuitive / Psychic Centre.


Our 6th Energy Center (Third-Eye Chakra) relates to challenges in the areas of intuition, truth, awareness, insight, clarity, creative imagination, depression, visualisation, balancing both hemispheres of the brain, the divine or cosmic/universal principles.

Where Is Your Personal Third-Eye Chakra Located?

The general location of the Third-Eye or Brow Chakra is within the mid-brain behind the central point between your eyebrows, about one and a half inches inside.   However, unlike other chakras (or energy centers), the Third Eye Chakra is NOT located in the same spot for every person.

For the great majority of people, the Third Eye Chakra is located above the middle of the two eyebrows.   However, if someone is a long-term meditator or has experienced higher states of consciousness, their Third Eye Chakra is said to be located lower down, closer to the bridge of the nose.

On the other hand, if someone has never meditated or experienced any higher states of consciousness, their Third Eye Chakra is said to be located higher on the forehead.

So, is said the location of your Third Eye Chakra can range from being located high on the forehead to the mid-point between our eyebrows, it does not go lower than that.


QUICK TECHNIQUE:  Discover Where Your Third-Eye Chakra Is Located!


If you want to get an idea of where your Third-Eye is currently located, simply close your eyes and GENTLY turn your eyes inward and upwards.  Aim for that midpoint between your eyebrows and then GENTLY move your eyes upwards.

Somewhere, you’ll begin to feel that your eyes are being pulled like a magnet to a specific spot.  That is the current location of your Third-Eye Chakra.

Sanskrit: आज्ञा – Ajñā

The original Sanskrit word for the Third Eye Chakra is Ajñā and when translated means;  Servant, “Ordered from above”, Not ignorant or Command.

From this energy center – the 3rd Eye Chakra – we can command others and others can command us.

When balanced we can take full command of ourselves, our body, mind and spirit.
You may have heard reports of advanced martial artists or monks who control their breathing, temperature and heart rate.  Well, they are ‘commanding it’ to happen via their Third-Eye Chakra.

Themes of the Third-Eye Chakra:

Intuition, Awareness, Insight, Clarity, Creative Imagination, Visualisation, Balances both hemispheres of the brain, Truth, Divine, Cosmic Principles.

Third-Eye Chakra Color:

The color commonly associated with the Third Eye Chakra is INDIGO.

Third-Eye Chakra Element:

The element commonly associated with the Third-Eye Chakra is the LIGHT OF INTELLIGENCE.

Third-Eye Chakra Tanmatra:

The Tanmatra (essence / subtle potential) commonly associated with the Third-Eye Chakra is COSMIC MIND (Buddhi).

Third-Eye Chakra Bījā Mantra:

The bījā mantra or seed sound associated with the Third-Eye Chakra is ॐ Auṃ.

Third-Eye Chakra Physical Associations:

The Third-Eye Chakra is located in the mid-brain behind the central point between the eyebrows.  Therefore, on a physical level it’s said to influence the functioning of the endocrine system.

The Endocrine System is said to affect the functioning of almost every organ and cell in the body, as it produces the relevant hormones to help regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep and mood regulation, among other things.

Now, even though the Third-Eye Chakra controls the entire endocrine system, it’s intimately linked to the proper functioning of our pituitary gland.

The pituitary gland is a small ductless gland at the base of our brain which is often considered to be the most important part of the whole endocrine system.

Our pituitary gland is vitally important, as it is said to produce the hormones which control many functions of the other endocrine glands, such as;

  • Thyroid gland
  • Parathyroid glands
  • Pineal gland
  • Adrenal glands
  • Pancreas
  • Ovaries
  • Testicles

So, even though some of these areas/glands are associated with other chakras, you can see that the Third-Eye Chakra is a bit like the ‘control tower’ for them all.

Which means, if we have a thyroid issue (associated with the Throat Chakra) we need to work with both the Throat and Third-Eye Chakra energies to improve our condition.

The Third Eye Chakra is also intimately linked to the pineal gland (also a part of the endocrine system).

The pineal gland produces Melatonin (a Serotonin-derived hormone which modulates sleep patterns in both circadian and seasonal cycles). In simple terms, this means our internal body clock (circadian rhythm) is driven by a healthy functioning pineal gland.

> Have Trouble Sleeping Or Experience Insomnia?

It may be connected to your Third-Eye Chakra energies and the functioning of your pineal gland.

> Experiencing Brain Fog Or Struggling To Process Information?

The Third Eye Chakra affects the synapses in the brain and the rapid transmission of information from one neuron to another.  So, if our Third-Eye Chakra energies are sluggish or weak, we cannot process information rapidly or effectively.

> Sinus Troubles?

The Third-Eye Chakra affects our sinuses, ears, eyes, and facial region.

> Either; Too Emotional or Too Logical?

The Third-Eye Chakra helps balance both hemispheres of the brains (emotional/creative vs. logical/clinical).

Third Eye Chakra Psychic Associations:

If awakened correctly, the Third Eye Chakra can enhance:

  • Clairvoyance (French origins – ‘clair’ means ‘clear’ and ‘voyance’ means ‘vision’.  To have ‘clear vision’ about a person, object, location, event without the use of the commonly-known five senses).
  • Extrasensory perception
  • Intuition
  • Creative visualisation
  • Imagination
  • Multi-dimensional visualisation
  • Ability to see / sense auras
  • “Knowing” the future
  • Recalling of past lives
  • Communication with beings from different realms

These abilities become available to us when we tap into the higher-vibrational and finer frequencies of the 3rd-Eye Chakra (in a safe and grounded way).


How Do You Know If Your Third Eye Chakra Is Underactive, Overactive or Balanced?

Do you want to discover if your 3rd Eye Chakra (your 6th Energy Center) energies are overactive, underactive or balanced?   

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